Gravity represents public and private sectors, working in cooperation with government agencies and financial institutions.

Our extensive experience includes a wide range of services and support for port and dredge development projects, oil & gas, mining, and contaminated sites.

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Port and Dredge


Gravity’s extensive port and dredge construction experience comes from both intensive international projects and sensitive local programs. Marine development often includes some of the most environmentally demanding requirements and it is critical to have the experience to understand the precedent and liabilities to evaluate risks properly. Gravity excels at collecting the information you need to make the correct decisions and pro-vide solutions to solve your site challenges. We assist with:

  • Pre-construction impact assessment
  • Environmental and geotechnical survey
  • Feasibility and mitigation planning
  • During construction, Gravity can provide water, sediment and biological monitoring and QA/QC
    of construction management.

Port and Dredge Brochure



Gravity provides extensive international survey experience for oil & gas impact and feasibility studies from hydrographic surveys to environmental and geotechnical assessments. Gravity provides support for the assessment of new wellhead sites, proposed pipeline routes, LNG developments, and decommissioning operations. Beyond the survey phase, Gravity can analyse project data and conduct predictive modeling to assess the impact of engineering designs on physical and environmental factors. Gravity’s services included:

  • Physical survey support for front end engineering and design (FEED)
  • Environmental survey support for environmental impact assessments
  • Marine forecast modeling for hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and environmental
  • Monitoring for marine construction oversite and environmental programs


Gravity’s team of marine scientists, geologists, engineers, geochemists,ecologists, biologists, hydrographers and modellers can provide expert support for marine environmental impact assessments for mines including. From port construction and dredging to baseline surveys and deep-sea services Gravity has the expertise to support mining projects in the marine environment including:

  • Metocean surveys
  • Sediment sampling and analysis
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Ecological surveys
  • Hydrographic and Morphodynamic modeling


Gravity conducts contaminated site assessments for industrial and government facilities both onshore and in the marine environment.These assessments include identification of contaminants, development of sampling and monitoring plans, collection of samples, review of toxicological data, identification of exposure pathways, and both physical and risk modeling.Gravity has significant experience with the assessment of petroleum fuels,metals, solvents, munitions compounds, dioxins and furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and PAHs. Gravity has specialty sampling technology for the collection of:

  • Surface and subsurface sediments – coring and undisturbed sampling equipment
  • Trace contaminants in water resources – both for metals and organics
  • Porewater and seep waters – including hyporheic zone sampling and infiltration mapping
  • Deep ocean in-situ analysis of waters and sediments
  • Realtime physical monitoring