2011 Upper Columbia River Surface Water

Gravity has been involved working on the Columbia River for a number of years from Canada to the outlet into the Pacific but this last year has been eventful up North on Lake Roosevelt and the river above with our sediment and water column work we were involved with.  For the Surface Water campaign Gravity worked alongside U.R.S as both vessel support and field scientists.  We utilized 3 vessels as well as our Mobile Field Lab for processing of our proprietary PUF columns for daily use and sample processing and transfers.  We were collecting water with General Oceanics 20L Go-Flo bottles for mid depth and near bottom while using peristaltic pumps for near surface and out of the Go-Flo’s once they were on board.  Utilizing Gravity’s Ultra Trace High Volume Sampling System (HVS) helped the team reach our goal of extremely low detection levels in both the solid phase and dissolved phase.  The Upper Columbia River Project has put together a few Pdf’s for the different aspects of the Campaign but the link below is for the Surface Water and is basic but shows where we were at.  Check it out