Analytical Perspectives and Gravity Team on High Volume Trace Contaminant study

Recently Shawn Hinz with Gravity conducted a series of experiments at Analytical Perspectives laboratory in Wilmington, NC. Analytical Perspectives and Gravity have teamed on High Volume water trace contaminant studies since 2005. AP and Gravity have invested significantly in Research and Development to increase performance (i.e., detection limits, precision and accuracy) of field and lab methods. With increasingly lower risk thresholds being promulgated by regulatory agencies standard laboratory and field sampling and analysis methods are no longer sufficient to appropriately characterize water bodies. Gravity has used their proprietary sampling system on over 20 CERCLA & RCRA sites to collect trace contaminant data. The HVS method for sampling is most commonly used with Dioxin/Furans and PCBs. It has also been shown successful for collecting trace levels of PAH’s and Pesticides.