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An Update on the Importance of Site Investigations for Dredging Projects The development of a successful dredging project relies on a thorough site assessment as the foundation for all other project activities, including developing budgets, schedules, and proposals for bids. Without an understanding of water depth, currents, sediment composition and topography of a site, the… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Recently Shawn Hinz with Gravity conducted a series of experiments at Analytical Perspectives laboratory in Wilmington, NC. Analytical Perspectives and Gravity have teamed on High Volume water trace contaminant studies since 2005. AP and Gravity have invested significantly in Research and Development to increase performance (i.e., detection limits, precision and accuracy) of field and lab… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

This was a few years ago but the link is still active. Great little project we conducted in Lewistion Idaho. Gravity helped with the permits, coordinated the dredge contractors and conducted water quality monitoring during dredge activities. We had lots of local support……not a surprise considering that every other fisherman would run aground at the… READ COMPLETE ENTRY