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This was a few years ago but the link is still active. Great little project we conducted in Lewistion Idaho. Gravity helped with the permits, coordinated the dredge contractors and conducted water quality monitoring during dredge activities. We had lots of local support……not a surprise considering that every other fisherman would run aground at the… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity is supporting a fish monitoring program on the Columbia River at the Hanford Nuclear site.  One challenge with monitoring fish is getting a full river view when using a standard sonar and video camera system.  Gravity’s Starfish sidscan can collect a bottom image 50 feet in width on each transect making it significantly more… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity Staff have been called back to the MC wellhead location of the spill last year.  Gravity is using its new Deep LISST  (3000 meters!) and ROV camera system for viewing oil and bubbles. Gravity is supporting a SEEP study being conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists. See attached picture of CTD Rosette system… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Upper Columbia River Project Link Gravity has had the great opportunity to work on the RIFS on the Columbia River from above Trail B.C. to the Grand Coulee Dam over the course of the past two years.  We have teamed with multiple companies on almost every phase of the project including tissue, beach sediment, water,… READ COMPLETE ENTRY   A link to a project Gravity was involved in back in ’09 behind the Gold Ray Dam working with SOU to determine if it was environmentally wise and cost-effective for the county to remove the dam. 

After 3+ years of full time monitoring, Gravity is finally done with it’s New Caledonia project.  Gravity was hired in 2008 by Koniambo Nickel for a massive dredge project to allow vessels to enter a lagoon channel on the Northern part of the Island.  Gravity conducted water quality monitoring and supported a coral reef health monitoring program.  This project… READ COMPLETE ENTRY