Sediment Sampling Equipment

Item: RIC - 6600 vibracore unit
Description: High Impact low frequency vibracoring unit for sediment sampling. Vibracore can drive 2" to 6" round and square tube.

Item: RIC-DEEP Vibracore unit
Description: Deep Water vibracore to depths of 1000 feet. Same impact specifications as standard 6600.

Item: SEDX ROV system
Description: ROV Platform designed for collecting sediment grabs and cores as well as in-situ physical measurements.

Item: GraviProbe FreeFall Penetrometer
Description: Free Fall hand deployed Penetrometer with CPT system. Designed for substrate characterization and density measurments.

Item: AR-4500 Corer
Description: Pneumatic vibracorer for sediment sampling. Runs off of compressor or with a remote dive tank.

Item: Earthprobe Direct Push Drilling rig
Description: Direct push and auger drill rig for use either on the RV Gator Barge or on a separate John Deer 4x4 vehicle.

Item: Auger Lite Direct Push system
Description: 2 inch auger system designed to be mounted on either of our landing craft vessels or barge.

Item: Power Grab - surface sampler
Description: custom sediment grab with pneumatic piston. Has closing force of 800 ft/lbs and penetration of 25 cm.

Item: XL Power Grab - surface sampler
Description: custom sediment grab with pneumatic piston. Has closing force of 1000 ft/lbs and penetration of 35 cm.

Item: Hand vibracorer
Description: Hand held vibracorer unit drives 3" sample tube. Options include battery and AC operated model.

Item: Hand Piston corer
Description: Hand driven corer unit drives 2" sample tube.

Item: Sediment Flume Corer
Description: Custom Pnuematic corer designed to collect square sediment samples for flume analysis.

Item: Piston Gravity Corer
Description: 4" drop corer with 500 lbs weight block.

Item: Box Corer Grab
Description: Stainless 14" box corer with 50 cm penetration.

Item: Eckman Grab Sampler
Description: Standard Eckman with 6 inches of penetration. Designed for soft substrates.

Item: Van Veen Grab Sampler
Description: Standard Van Veen with 20 cm of penetration. Custom weight set included for better recovery in sands and clays.