Gravity Teams with SeaVision Underwater Solutions for NorthEast Vessel and Equipment support

Gravity and SeaVision Underwater solutions are now strategically teaming on projects in the North East. Gravity has mobilized its research vessel RV-Nisqually and proprietary vibracore and sediment grab sampling equipment to New Jersey. This equipment will be cooperatively managed by Gravity and SeaVision and allow both companies to expand their service areas.

SeaVisions significant survey, ROV and geophysical capabilities and Gravity’s expertise in sediment and aquatic sampling is a great match for dredge and environmental projects. This experience base combined with specialized sampling equipment on both the East and West coasts will provide clients with a cost effective solution to supporting aquatic field studies.

As projects come to fruition we will continue to share the new methods and designs that we constantly are coming up with. Working in this field continues to challenge and stimulate our mental faculties which keeps it interesting for everyone involved. This teaming will not change our business model but instead enable both companies to enable us to do more work and offer the best possible services for our clients.

We look forward to the opportunities this venture will create for all involved parties.

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