New Deep Ocean Vibracore Developed by Gravity

Gravity has added another sediment vibracoring rig to its list of tools for sediment sampling. This corer shares similar frequency and amplitudes to its other rotary impact vibracores, but with the added benefit of being able to be deployed to depths over 1500 feet. The system has been tested and used in the Gulf of Mexico for testing sediments in an area impacted by oils from a wellhead that is seeping. The deep vibracorer can be used off of smaller vessels and does not require a large footprint. Vibracore samples with this system can be taken to 30 feet in length.  Stay tuned for further R&D news Gravity is just finishing up testing on a shallow water rotosonic drill rig for its airboat and a full ocean depth hydraulic vibracore that can be deployed with an ROV.  Gravity’s proprietary vibracorer heads are designed to minimize disturbance of sediment samples by utilizing a lower vibration frequency and a higher amplitude (basicaly impact force) than traditional vibracorers allowing it to collect longer and more intact cores that can be used for environmental and geotechnical sampling programs.


Vibracore Lexan Tube

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