Recent picture showing some of Gravity’s vessels for sediment and water sampling. This photo shows some of the many options we have for shallow water sample collection from dry land and marshes with our custom airboat, to fast whitewater maneuvering with our 400hp jet boat, to deep coring capabilities with our drilling barge and landing… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity is teaming with Seavision Underwater Solutions in New Jersey doing survey work. We are excited to be a part of the team as we survey the waters for the debris after Hurricane Sandy. There is a lot of devastation out here and we are here to help make these waterways safer and cleaner.  We… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity has added another sediment vibracoring rig to its list of tools for sediment sampling. This corer shares similar frequency and amplitudes to its other rotary impact vibracores, but with the added benefit of being able to be deployed to depths over 1500 feet. The system has been tested and used in the Gulf of… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity and SeaVision Underwater solutions are now strategically teaming on projects in the North East. Gravity has mobilized its research vessel RV-Nisqually and proprietary vibracore and sediment grab sampling equipment to New Jersey. This equipment will be cooperatively managed by Gravity and SeaVision and allow both companies to expand their service areas. SeaVisions significant survey,… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

As part of the 100N Nuclear reactor clean-up at Hanford Gravity was tasked with reducing risk to Salmon during construction activities.  Through a combination of turbidity curtains, fish exclusion nets and a innovative acoustic deterrent system Gravity was able to successfully maintain an active and passive exclusion area during construction with no observed loss or negative behavior changes in… READ COMPLETE ENTRY