Shallow Water Sediment Sampling Solutions

So one of the questions we get from nearly every client is wether or not we can do a specific job. Our answer because of our experience and capacity is quite commonly yes, even to the unique and challenging. One of the joys of owning a small business is we have the capacity to say yes or no to all kinds of research and development ideas that come across our table.
That said we as a group excel in the challenge of designing one of a kind equipment or modifying industry standard systems to fit our clients needs. Our last few years have included a lot of very shallow water work and by shallow I mean inches or less of water. That created an idea to come up with a safe and efficient way to both access the sample location and also get a quality sample. Before we would hike in and utilize a Gravity custom Impact Hammer for core samples. That method has its uses but it can be time consuming since the whole program is done on foot or with a ORV (in allowed areas only obviously).

Gravity Impact Coring System at work

Hard to access Impact Coring Location

So after brainstorming with our boat builder Bean Marine (Bean Marine Website) an idea came to us.

What if we used the speed and lightweight frame of an Airboat? What if we put an A-Frame on it to deploy and retrieve equipment? All this is great but the basis of an airboat is lightweight and nimble so you can be in a low to zero water environment without getting stuck and we are trying to put hydraulics, frame and equipment on board. This was challenging but we came up with an elegant solution thanks to Shawn Hinz and his constant effort for progress. Below is the result of our idea come to life. A completely new boat with systems that have the ability to be modified and utilized for a multitude of applications.


This job recently accomplished with Windward Environmental had us taking Core Samples in exceptionally shallow areas and the boat worked great.


If you have projects, we want to help. Let us know about your need and we will do everything in our power and delve into our deep toolbox of research knowledge and equipment to make your project a success.

Our moto (given to us by a client) Gravity…Making their clients look good, one job at a time