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Gravity is known for its capacity at getting the job done, big or small we find a solution for them all. Preparation, adaptation and collaboration make our jobs succeed and when we are working abroad it is even more evident. We are in Amsterdam now, just left Brazil and heading to Kazakhstan, Gravity’s International group… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity is teaming with Seavision Underwater Solutions in New Jersey doing survey work. We are excited to be a part of the team as we survey the waters for the debris after Hurricane Sandy. There is a lot of devastation out here and we are here to help make these waterways safer and cleaner. ¬†We… READ COMPLETE ENTRY

Gravity Marine Services

Gravity has joined with the Bellingham Maritime Museum and crew in the search for Vancouver’s lost anchor. This is a link to a video showing our role. Good fun and with any luck we will be sharing the recovery video as well. (once we find it that is)

This was a few years ago but the link is still active. Great little project we conducted in Lewistion Idaho. Gravity helped with the permits, coordinated the dredge contractors and conducted water quality monitoring during dredge activities. We had lots of local support……not a surprise considering that every other fisherman would run aground at the… READ COMPLETE ENTRY