Research Boat
Model: RV Cassiar
Vessel Type: Open Water Research Boat
Hull Length: 46'
Beam: 13'
Hull Type: Aluminum Monohull
Power: Twin 550 horsepower
Propulsion: Jet Drive
Fuel: Diesel
Speed: 30 cruise, 40 fast
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RV Cassiar is designed specifically for sampling, survey work and research support. It is a custom, all-aluminum vessel built to Gravity’s specifications by BMF Marine. The open water design combined with jet drives allows Cassiar the ability to operate and navigate in both shallow waters and rough seas. Cassiar is powered by twin 550hp diesel engines with jet drive propulsion, creating a fast and highly maneuverable vessel that is very efficient for surveying and sampling over large areas. The spacious aft working deck provides enough room to safely lift and deploy mooring gear, seabed frames, and other oceanographic equipment. Lift eyes and a fold-down tower make Cassiar easy to transport on highways and barges giving it a service range of the continental USA and Alaska. Other features include auxiliary engines to provide AC power and hydraulics, air conditioning and a large diesel heater, lower and upper pilot houses for easy workflow and large back deck for heavy equipment deployments.