Model: RV Cayuse
Vessel Type: Landing Craft
Hull Length: 27ft
Beam: 9ft
Hull Type: Aluminum
Power: Twin 450HP
Propulsion: Jets
Fuel: Gasoline
Speed: 55!
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RV Cayuse is a 27’ aluminum landing craft that is designed for sampling and survey work. The landing craft design combined with jet drives allows Cayuse the ability to operate and navigate shallow waters. Cayuse is powered by twin 380hp gas engines with jet drive propulsion, making it an ideal open water and river vessel.
RV Cayuse has a bow deck and full cabin with work space. An inverter and solar panel system provide clean power for electronic equipment. The hydraulic A-frame and winch system is provided for equipment deployment up to 2000lbs. 3-phase power is also available for vibracoring and ROVs. Stern A-frame is setup for towed video and sidescan sonar deployments. Sonar mounts and a pole custom for this vessel are set-up for multibeam and subbottom survey.